lunes, 11 de julio de 2011

Installing ubuntu as an antivirus

This is radical antivirus in which you cannot use windows applications anymore. However you will have full access to your windows documents from an Ubuntu system.

Install Ubuntu from Windows from the wubi installer.

Below it is assumed that in both windows and linux the user account was named "usuario"

Then, the Windows user directory from Linux should be at:
$ sudo gedit /etc/passwd
In the line:
usuario:x:1000:1000:Your Name,,,:/home/usuario:/bin/bash
change /home/usuario to /home/Users

$ sudo su
# mkdir /home/Users
# chown usuario:usuario /home/Users
# exit
$ cp -r /home/usuario/.??* /home/Users
$ sudo su - usuario
$ pwd
$ ln -s /host/Users/usuario .
$ rmdir Desktop/
$ ln -s usuario/Desktop/ .
$ rmdir Pictures/
$ ln -s usuario/Pictures/ .
$ rmdir Videos/
$ ln -s usuario/Videos/ .
$ rmdir Downloads/
$ ln -s usuario/Downloads/ .

Then logout and login from your account, or just restart your computer. Be sure to work inside the "usuario" directory to use the space from the windows system.